Bridge trade-ins welcome!

Replacing an old bridge is not cheap. Although using a Paragon Bridge is very cost effective, it is still not "cheap". So, Paragon is pleased to offer clients in California the opportunity to save a little more cash by allowing Paragon to buy their old bridge! Paragon will either offer to buy the old bridge or Paragon will offer to consign the bridge. Consignments work well for clients who do not need the immediate cash as Paragon can offer a little more money for the bridge. 

The old bridges that Paragon receives from existing bridge owners come in all sorts of types but the most common Paragon deals with are older railroad flat cars that were converted into a bridge. Sometimes the railcars are structurally insufficient (especially cut down railroad box car bottoms) or the railcars used were structurally compromised (ie: damaged) or they are just not long enough. 

There is a value in most all metal pre-fabricated bridges. 

Their really isn't a monetary value that is offered on older stick-built bridges as the bridge will fall apart when taking it out which just leaves a pile of steel beams and/or a whole bunch of used wood beams/planks in varying degrees of size and wear. Their isn't much of a market for used steel beams as the labor needed to transport, inspect, and clean the beams then repair any defects negates any material cost savings. Most wooden pieces can be re-used by cutting them down and using them in Paragon's shop as cribbing but their is already an abundance of cribbing readily available so Paragon cannot offer to buy more.


Client A sends their old bridge to Paragon. Often times, the old bridge can be hauled back to Paragon on the same truck delivering Paragon's new bridge. Paragon will then offer the bridge deck to Client B who might be interested in that bridge. Once sold to Client B, Paragon will pay Client A for their bridge. Client B pays to haul bridge to their facility. The process may take a few weeks to a year so Client A should not be in a rush to sell. 

Why consign? Paragon might not feel that the old bridge will sell very quickly which would tie up Paragon's cash on something that will sit too long. Regardless of how quickly the bridge deck may sell, Paragon always pays more on a consignment as tying up cash comes at a cost.  


We all know that re-purposing a railcar into a bridge is always a great, cost effective, and super environmentally friendly idea but think about how unbelievable GREEN and environmentally friendly it is to repurpose an already repurposed product! I believe Al Gore would be proud (somebody should let Al know about us). We are so incredibly green that TREES HUG US! 

Paragon Bridge Works re-purposes over a million pounds of steel every year!